Data Destruction

A vast majority of corporate documentation and transactions are created and transmitted using technology.  Therefore organizations of all kinds have become overwhelmed with confidential and corporate electronic data – from credit card numbers to payroll records to human resources information to everyday communications to corporate strategies. As a result, all organizations need to protect both their customers and themselves.  While there has been a flurry of legislation that regulates some aspects of these activities, we must constantly address this new and ever-changing data paradigm.

This new paradigm and these regulations establish your company’s moral and legal responsibility to manage all corporate electronic records and the myriad of copies and ensure they are properly destroyed. Failure to manage and destroy electronic records properly could expose your company to unacceptable risk, liability, and a tarnished public image.

Vairifi logoEach hard drive PCRR receives is wiped to themost recent NIST 800-88 Standard with our custom VAIRIFi software. VAIRIFi provides our customers with a fully verifiable audit log and produces an auditable report of the data destruction to retain for company records. PCRR offers  full reporting services and can provide bulk discounts.

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Click to download the 43-page NIST 800-88 PDF.