Asset Management

PCRR works with both large and small organizations to help them properly dispose of their unwanted computer equipment.

What should you look for in your Asset Management Partner?

  1. Certification: Make sure your partner has the industries best certifications. Click for detailed information about R2 and RIOS.
  2. Data Destruction: How does your partner handle data destruction? Did you know that the Department of Defense standard for data erasure, DoD 5220.22-m, often referred to in the industry as simply “DoD,” has been exceeded? The latest U.S. government standard, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Homeland Security, is NIST 800-88. (Click to download the 43-page NIST 800-88 PDF.)
  3. Services: What services can your Asset Management Partner provide? Contact PCRR for more information about how we partner with companies large and small to ensure they are properly disposing of their equipment and getting all the information they need.

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