Responsible Recycling

PCRR understands the importance of providing “Peace of Mind” to our clients and end users.

By developing our VAIRIFi data destruction tool, we were able to assure that confidential business and personal information could be safely, effectively and permanently destroyed. PCRR sees this service as one of the most important aspects of creating solid client relations. In today’s world, stored data is at risk for exposure. We value our clients and understand that by assuring proper management, destruction and reporting of digital data, we can safely handle unwanted computer equipment and turn it into a valuable asset for the end user.

PCRR only uses best industry practices when it comes to recycling and refurbishing unwanted computer equipment. Third party certifications have been developed to assure that strict standards are practiced daily. This means we use methods that protect the environment, insure worker safety and protect digital data privacy. By holding ourselves to the highest standards in the industry and working towards making technology accessible worldwide, we take our methods and practices seriously and understand the impact that being an industry leader will have on future generations of unwanted computer equipment.