Do you have a refurbished computer from PCRR? Do you have a question?

1. Check your PCRR computer manual. This helpful document will walk you through a number of FAQs. If you need another copy, no problem check out our FAQ page.

2. Do you have additional questions? Please call 1-800-939-6000 between the hours of 9am CST and 5pm CST Monday through Friday only. Or you can email us at

Please note:

  • You need  to be in front of your computer
  • You need your PCRR ID number, which can be found on the green or white PCRR sticker on your computer.

3. If our warranty services agent determines that they need to share your screen you may be asked to use this neat tool. Click here to download the remote support application.

Thank you for purchasing our refurbished computers!