Computers for Schools Program

PCRR’s legacy began over 12 years ago with our Computers for Schools program. By recognizing the need to provide students with in home computer technology, which in turn sets them up for optimal academic success, PCRR created the Computers for Schools program.

What was a good idea in the past has become a requirement today. In 2006, Mayor Richard M. Daley created a Mayor’s Advisory Council on Closing the Digital Divide with the goal of bringing public, private and non-profit sector leaders together to create a policy framework for bridging technology haves and have-nots. In November of 2006, CEO of PCRR and president of Computers for Schools, Willie Cade, participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony with then Mayor Richard Daley. This was the launch of the city’s first permanent computer recycling center. PCRR provided the manpower to refurbish the donated systems and repurposed them back to schools, churches, non-profits and low income families.

The PCRR Computers for Schools Program still works with local nonprofit organizations to provide refurbished systems, or system upgrades to keep the mission of bridging the digital divide realized.

All levels of PC Rebuilders and Recyclers refurbished desktops and laptops meet the recommended PARCC/Smarter Balanced hardware specifications guidelines required through 2018-2019 for both the NWEA and Common Core State Standard computer-based assessment administration testing requirements.

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