About Us

Founded in 2000, PC Rebuilders & Recyclers (PCRR) has a two-fold purpose of bridging the digital divide and supporting environmental responsibility through the refreshment of prematurely retired computer systems. In doing so, we provide a responsible way for corporations to dispose of their unwanted equipment as well as an inexpensive way for anyone to invest in technology. PCRR was launched by Willie Cade in his basement on the north side of Chicago. The program has placed computers in schools, non-profit organizations, need-based homes and commercial organizations proving that limited funding does not preclude cost-effective access to technology.

PCRR refurbishes and upgrades equipment with genuine Microsoft® software keeping current with technology standards. PCRR was the first Illinois based Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher and was also one of the first Microsoft® Registered Refurbishers. Currently PCRR holds both of these designations.

Along with refurbishing and recycling, PCRR strives to support the growth of our industry by hosting the Electronics Reuse Conference (ERC). PCRR is proud to work with other refurbishers around the world to promote responsible refurbishing and recycling.